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Pat McAfee Net Worth, Family, Biography, Background, Residence, Punter Career & Personal Life

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Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Pat McAfee is a former American professional football player. He was a punter who started playing since high school, carried it throughout to college and finally started his professional career in 2009. Patrick McAfee has amassed the net worth of $8 million throughout his career.

Following article discusses about the Pat McAfee Net Worth, Family, Biography, Background, Residence, Punter Career & Personal Life.

Biography and Background

Full Name

His full name is Patrick Justin McAfee.


He is commonly known by his nickname Broomstick in the football world.


Pat McAfee is an American.


He was born on May 2, 1987.


McAfee was an American professional football player who retired in 2016. Currently he is a commentator and co-host on various sport shows.

Zodiac Sign

Pat McAfee is a Taurus.


Born in Pennsylvania, Pat McAfee attended the local Plum High School where he began his football career. From the beginning he had was very interested in playing football and soccer.

He was also a very active person. He actually took a dark turn to get into the football world by way of gambling.

There was a competition of goal kickers that he wanted to attend, but couldn’t afford. So, he borrowed some money from a friend and went into town to gamble. He actually won a sufficient amount to participate in the competition.

He did so good in the competition that he was approached by the West Virginia University with a scholarship. It was his ticket to a brighter future and he took it.



His father’s name is Tim McAfee.


His mother is Sally McAfee.


Pat has a brother named Jason McAfee.


Pat married his longtime girlfriend Samantha Ludy on August 1, 2020.


Pat doesn’t have any children at the moment.

Career Development

Football Career

He started playing football from high school. After participating in a competition and showing outstanding skills, he was approached by the West Virginia University with a scholarship which he readily agreed to.

He played all four consecutive years with tremendous success. He completed his senior year with the career-best punt average till ten and a career-high 2,639 yards with a 65-yard long.

After university, he was invited to join the Senior Bowl in Alabama in 2009 where he was the kicker for the South Team. After that the Indianapolis Colts drafted him in the 2009 NFL draft.

He stayed with them his whole career. He started off playing as the punter. He also played to take care of field goals as well as requested to take on extra points.

For his exceptional work he received several awards for the team. He was chosen to play the Pro Bowl twice which is a great honor for a football player.

Unfortunately, he received a serious injury to his knee for which he had to go through three surgeries. He sadly, couldn’t get over it and had to retire from his NFL career at the after eight seasons.

Post Playing Career

After the retirement, he joined the Barstool Sports. He developed the companies’ Heartland division. He also began hosting his own podcast show called The Pat McAfee Show.

Be separated from the Barstool company in 2018 because of a lack of transparency.

Soon after that he started broadcasting for college football and consequently debuted in NFL broadcasting on Fox. In 2019, McAfee also joined ESPN for broadcasting.

He also made a regular appearance at the Bob and Tom Show. He made his professional baseball debut in 2018 but was soon replaced.

After that, he was a sideline reporter for some of the 2020 XFL games. McAfee and his friend and former line breaker A.J. Hawk began their own podcast called McAfee and Hawk: Sports Talk.

Professional Wrestling Career

McAfee actually got in a match with the WarPig IWA East Coast Show right before he got drafted where he was victorious. He later on became a pre-show analyst in 2018.

From then he continued appearing in many shows. He later declared that he has signed a formal contract with WWE.

He actually got into quite a few feuds over there and also supported NXT’s invasion of the show. He declared war on both Raw and SmackDown alongside NXT.

Pat McAfee Net Worth

Pat McAfee has the net worth of 8 million dollars as of 2020, most of which he has amassed through his NFL career playing professional football.

He has also ventured in other professions such as being a broadcaster, doing sports shows and podcasts.

Personal Life and Public Image

In October 20, 2010, Pat McAfee was arrested by the police after a woman reported him and was charged with public intoxication. He was found at the break of dawn near the woman’s car and she called the police.

A couple of weeks after the arrest, he declared an official apology to the press for his actions.

While hosting a live watch along party with a few WWE Wrestlers, he got into an argument with Michael Cole after Cole mocked him for wearing tuxedo shorts.

McAfee got really furious and threatened to quit right then and there. The situation was handled after ab image of LeBron James wearing a similar outfit was shown.

McAfee worked with his father Tim McAfee to create The Pat McAfee Foundation, which is a not-for-profit organization that works for the children of military personnel.

He created a company called Shirts for America in 2016 as the sponsor of Conor Daly who was an Indycar driver for the 2016 Indianapolis 500.

Another reason he created the company was to support both his foundation and Wish for Our Heroes.

Social Media Presence

Pat McAfee has Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, but they are all in the name of his show. The links are provided below non the less.




Some Lesser Known Facts

  • McAfee likes being an internet guy.
  • He is a Guinness World Record holder for world’s longest blindfolded field goal.
  • He is very outspoken and active on social media.
  • In 2016, he actually did a stand-up comedy tour.
  • He was arrested for public intoxication in his sophomore season.
  • He actually made over 10 million dollars in his cut short NFL career.
  • He paid the electric bills for hundreds of families in Indianapolis.

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