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Joan Jett Net Worth, Biography, Background, Family, Career, and Personal Life

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Joan Jett is a 61 years old musician and songwriter who has made her fortune through singing, song writing, producing and composing music.

She has even done the occasional acting gig too. This American rock singer has made millions of dollars by selling some very successful records. Currently her net worth is $7 million.

Following article talks about the Joan Jett Net Worth, Biography, Background, Family, Career, Personal Life and works of this amazingly creative and versatile person.

Biography and Background

Full Name

Joan Jett’s birth name is Joan Marie Larkin.


She goes by the nicknames The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll, The Godmother of Punk and The Original Riot Grrrl.


Born in Pennsylvania, USA, Joan Jett is an American.


Her birthday is in September 22, 1958.


Professionally, Joan Jett is mainly into the singing industry. She is a singer, songwriter, rock guitarist and a producer. She has also done some acting.

Zodiac Sign

Jett’s zodiac sign is Virgo.


Jett was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was part of a family that went to church, attended Sunday school, but wasn’t really strictly religious.

Her family moved to Rockville, Maryland in 1967 where she went to the Randolph Junior High. She was at high school, when she first got into music.

After getting her first guitar, she started taking music lessons from a professional. But soon quit because the teacher was adamant on teaching her folk songs.

They soon moved to West Covina, California in Los Angeles county, where she finally had the chance to explore her passion for music.



Her father’s name is James Larkin. He was an insurance salesman.


Jett’s mother is Dorothy Larkin. She was a secretary.


She has two siblings. A brother names James Larkin and a sister Anne Larkin. She is the eldest child.


Joan Jett is currently single.


She doesn’t have any children.

Career Development

Joan Jett started her musical career as a teenager by starting the band called The Runaways. It was an all-female band and they produced a total of five albums together before dismantling in 1979.

After the breaking up of the band, she moved to New York to pursue her solo career. When there, she teamed up with a producer named Kenny Laguna, who helped her release her first independent solo album which was self-titled in 1981.

The solo did really well and in result got her into a contract with Boardwalk Records, who changed her solo album name to bad reputation and republished it a year later. After that she founded the band Blackhearts.

Three of her albums had been certified by the IRA as either gold or platinum. Because of her persistent perusal of rock n roll music, she has been called the queen of rock ‘n’ roll many times.

Joan Jett Net Worth

Joan Jett has the net worth of 7 million dollars. She accumulated this wealth by being an excellent rock guitarist and a rock ‘n’ roll singer. She has also done songwriting and producing.

Band and solo records has sold millions of copies that has been a major contribution to her wealth. She has also done quite a bit of acting on films and television both. Which of course added to her accumulating wealth.


  • Joan Jett had the Long Island Music Hall of Fame for the Class of 2006.
  • She also reached number 87 on the list of Rolling Stone 100 greatest guitarists of all time.
  • She received 2012 Nanci Alexander Activist Award for her work on behalf of animal welfare.
  • She was named and awarded West Hollywood’s Rock Legend in 2013.
  • In 2014 she won the AP Icon Award.
  • Jett also won the Golden God Award in 2014.
  • Lastly she has received the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee award for the Class of 2015.

Works Throughout the Years



Social Media Presence

Joan Jett has official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. The links are provided below.




Some Lesser Known Facts

  • Jett changed her name to sound more like a rock star. She used to tell people that her mother’s maiden name was Jett. Which was not true.
  • While staying in Los Angeles, Jett used to frequent a place called Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco.
  • Her father actually didn’t like her perusing rock ‘n’ roll, but he put up with it because of her.
  • She loves to ride her around and go to the beach.
  • She played for 500 coalition troops in Afghanistan.
  • She got her first guitar at the age of 13.
  • Her first solo album was rejected by 23 music labels.
  • Her former manager used to throw stuff at her at rehearsals.
  • There had been rumors surrounding Joan Jett that she might be a lesbian, and she later on confirmed that she is in fact bisexual.
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