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James Altucher Net Worth, Biography, Family, Career, and Personal Life

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James Altucher is an American hedge-fund manager, podcaster, author, blogger and entrepreneur. He is well known for founding or co-founding more than 20 companies. Apart from this, he also wrote 20 books.

James Altucher net worth is $50 million. Alongside writing books he also contributed to publications such as The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, The Huffington Post etc.

Following article talks about the life and works of this amazingly creative and versatile person.

Biography and Background

Full Name

His full name is James Altucher.


He is commonly referred to as James by his friends and peers.


James is an American by nationality. He was born in New York, United States.


He was born on January 22, 1968. Currently making him 52 years old.


He has been part of multiple professions throughout his life. Ranging from hedge-fund manager to podcaster. From author to entrepreneur. He had different professions in different times of his life.

Zodiac Sign

James Altucher’s Zodiac sign is Aquarius.


James had a really shaky start to his career. He had to face many struggles before establishing himself as a successful person. He graduated with a Computer Science degree from Cornell University and started his career in the IT department at HBO. But in school he was always referred to as a geek and strange person.

He was from a middle class family. Once he asked for money but his parents didn’t give him. So he stopped talking to them. But unfortunately his father died during this time. This really broke him down but he didn’t give up. He didn’t stop at just one job. He explored various branches of professional career.

But the road wasn’t easy. He got rejected by every publisher he went to publish his books. Not only this, 17 of his 20 companies became a flop. Which means only three of them were successful.

He may be a billionaire now but life had always been hard on him. It didn’t stop him though, he fought against every obstacle of life and now is an inspiration to millions of people all around the globe.

Family Description


The name of James Altucher’s parents is unknown. But it is known that he comes from a Jewish family.


The identity of his siblings is also unknown.


He has been married twice. The name of his first wife is Claudia Altucher. They were married for a long time but that marriage ended up in a divorce. He then went on to marry Robyn Samuels. At the time of their marriage Robyn was a widow.


James has two children together with Claudia. And when he married Robyn she already had three children from her previous marriage. At present James is a proud father of five children. Their ages range from 18 to 21.

Career Development

James Altucher began his career at the IT department of HBO after completing his graduation. At one point he was given the role of anchoring for the show III:am. But he didn’t stick around for a long time in this job.

Because his plans were different. He wanted to feel fleeting feelings of success. He wanted to be proved as the smartest. He wanted to start his own company.

So he left HBO in 1998 and started his own company called Reset Inc. He later sold that company for $15 million. James used that money in internet investments.

But luck didn’t favor him much here either as he lost all the money within 2 years. He was back to square zero again. This was a hard time in James’ life.

He went into depression and even thought about committing suicide. But he didn’t give up. These setbacks didn’t stop him to keep moving forward.

As always he started afresh again, this time joining a friend’s website called “” and started writing there.

During this time, he also read lots of books about business, life, money, investment etc. which helped him to gain a new perspective about his life and business and later to become a successful businessman.

He was writing about stocks on his friend’s website and during this time he started trading for hedge funds. From 2002-2005 he traded for several hedge funds.

In 2006, he founded the social financial network “StockPickr”. This website was a huge success and was listed in Time Magazine’s top 50 websites of 2007.

James Altucher worked as a seed investor for Buddy Media. He later sold that to for $745 Million USD in 2012.

Since 2014 he has been working as a podcaster and has his own show called “The James Altucher Show”. He also works as a stand-up comedian and co-owns Stand Up NY comedy club.

There are many ups and downs in James Altucher’s life. But one thing always stayed constant, he never gave up. From a broke person without money he has turned his luck 360 degree to become a billionaire.

James Altucher Net Worth

James has never stuck with one profession. He changed it from time to time to come up with his goals and dreams. As a result, he now has a net worth of $50 million dollar.

Professions that helped him to increase this net worth includes authorship, hedges fund manager, entrepreneurship etc.

Books Published by James Altucher

James has written more than 20 books. Some of which are bestsellers. He also writes blogs regularly which include positive and inspirational posts. Following are some of his notable works.

  • Choose Yourself
  • The Power of No
  • Reinvent Yourself
  • Trade Like Warren Buffet
  • 40 Alternatives to College etc

Social Media Presence

James has Official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. The links are given below.




Some Lesser Known Facts About James Altucher

  • James is a minimalist lover. In fact, he has only 15 possessions. Including his phone, computer, shirt, pants, Kindle e-reader, shoes etc.
  • James played poker every night for a year.
  • He is a chess master with an ELO ranking of 2200+.

Final Thoughts

James Altucher is a 52 years old an American hedge fund manager, author, investor and entrepreneur. James Altucher is one of the role models for the modern generation.

He has shown how hard work and dedication can give a man everything in life. He had faced many difficulties in life but he never gave up which took him to the top step of success.

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