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Irv Gotti Net Worth, Biography, Family, Career & Personal life

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Irv Gotti is a well-known record producer, DJ and record executive from America. He and his brother co-founded Murder Inc, a record producing company based in New York, United States.

He has a net worth of $15 million. Having been in this industry for almost 30 years now and appreciated by people all around the world as one of the greatest hip-hop and R&B record producers, following article talks about the Irv Gotti Net Worth, Biography, Family, Career & Personal life and career of this charming persona.

Biography and Background

Full Name

His full name is Irving Domingo Lorenzo, Jr.


He is commonly known as DJ Irv or Gotti to everyone. The nickname Gotti was given to him by rapper Jay-Z.


He is an American. He has Afro-American ethnicity.  He was born in Hollis, Queens, New York City, United States.


His birthday is on June 26, 1970. Which makes him 50 years old at present.


He is mainly a record producer. Apart from this he’s also a songwriter, record executive, DJ and music video director.

Zodiac Sign

Gotti’s Zodiac sign is Cancer.


Irv had a really hard childhood. He and his family had to face poverty when he was a kid. But both of his parents were devoted to their eight children’s. In high school he was selling drugs.

So, he didn’t have to ask much from his parents. Although his folks didn’t know about this. He could have easily gone to a criminal path but he didn’t. He was really enthusiastic about music since when he was a kid.

He specially wanted to become a DJ and produce songs. He stick with his dreams and fought through difficult times to become one of the best DJ and record producer of modern time.

Family and History


Irv’s fathers name is Irvington Domingo Lorenzo, Sr. He alongside her wife struggled a lot to take care of Irv and their other children. He used to drive a cab during daytime to support his family.

Irv has said multiple times that his father is his idol and without his sacrifices he wouldn’t have been able to make it this far.


His mothers name is Nee Nee Lorenzo. She and her husband devoted their life for the well being and upbringing of their eight children. It was really hard times but she never let anyone felt left behind.


Irv Gotti has eight siblings including Chris Gotti (born in 1967) with whom he opened his own recording label.


Gotti has been alleged to be in multiple relationships throughout his life. Some of which happened when he was married. His affair was the reason behind his divorce with his first wife.

At present he is deemed to be in a relationship with Ashanti.


He was married twice. His first marriage was with Debbie Lorenzo.The couple is divorced now. The divorce took place because of Irv getting involved in affairs.

His second wife wasAshley Martelle. Before meeting Gotti she worked as an escort. The marriage didn’t last long and it ended just as quickly as it started.


Irv and Debbie have three children’s together. They are: Sonny Gotti , JJ Gotti and Angie Gotti.


His love for music came from an early age. In an interview he said my love for music began when I found two turntables and a mixer in a guy’s house around the corner of my neighborhood.

So, when his dad went out for work, I use to go there and play. It was love at first sight. He then started working at local parties and family parties. During that time, he was known as DJ Irv.

He became so popular amongst everyone that the people at Def Jam Records decided to bring him as a record producer. And from there his career really began and he never had to look back again.

Music Style and Preference

He mainly produced songs of R&B and hip-hop genre. He has collaborated with multiple artists and made many hit songs. Some artists he has worked with includes Jay-Z, Ashanti, Ja Rule, Jennifer Lopez, DMX, Kanye West etc.

He has produced his own hit singles too. Gotti prides himself on running Murder Inc. records in a corporate hip-hop manner. He says that they make black music first and foremost and that all their records are hood first.

Career Development

His career began when he started working with Def Jam Records. He paved his way to become one of the most important executives of the company and worked with many famous rappers such as Jay-Z, Ja Rule and DMX.

After a while Irv decided to open his own recording label. Hence Murder Inc. was created. He launched the company with his brother Chris Gotti in 1992. In 1998 he wrote the song “Can I get a..” in the hit movie “Rush Hour”.

In 1999 Murder Inc. released their first album “VenniVettiVecci” by Ja Rule. The following year he wrote the song “How many wanna”.

Gotti later wrote “Charli” for Bamboozled and produced two songs.  “Come Back in One Piece” and “Somebody’s Gonna Die” for Romeo Must Die.

2001 was a busy year for him as he collaborated with Ja Rule and Jennifer Lopez. He was also composing songs for movies and wrote the first of his many songs for Ashanti in the same year.

In 2003, Murder Inc. office was raided with the allegation of money laundering with drug lord Kenneth McGriff. In 2005 all the charges were acquitted. These days he is focusing on producing shows alongside creating music.

He was an executive producer on J Rule’s MTV show “Follow the Rules”. He also wrote a song title “Split (Only You)” for the 2016 thriller “Collide”.

Irv Gotti Net Worth

Irv Gotti is one of the most popular record producers of modern time. He has produced numerous hit singles over the years.

His net worth is $15 million. Alongside producing records, he has also worked as a recording executive, Dj, songwriter and television show producer which helped his net worth to grow further.


Some of his produced singles are given below.

Social Media Presence

Irv Gotti has Twitter and Instagram accounts. They are given below.



Some Lesser Known Facts About Irv Gotti

  • His record label Murder Inc. has a meaning behind it. The murder for hire group of the 1930’s was started by LepkeBuchalter, and operated as amission to kill anyone for profit. From here the name Murder Inc. is originated from.
  • In 2003 his brother Chris was shot in the leg but survived. No suspects were found.
  • He has created the BET series “Tales”.

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