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Alice Cooper’s Net Worth, Biography, Family, Career, Awards & Personal Life

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Alice Cooper is an American musician who has been roaming around the industry for more than 50 years now. He is considered as one of the pioneer of “Shock Rock”.

His performance on stage includes variety of props which brings out a horror and dark atmosphere all around. Some of the propos include pyrotechnics, fake blood. Electric chairs, reptile, baby dolls etc.

In this article we will find out the Alice Cooper’s net worth, Biography, Family Career, Awards, Music style, Personal Life and work of this Godfather of “Shock Rock” who is ruling this industry for more than 5 decades.

Biography and Background

Full name

Vincent Damon Furnier.


The Godfather of Shock Rock.


Alice is an American musician. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, United States. He’s origin is Phoenix, Arizona, United States.


His birthday is on February 4, 1948.


Alice is mainly a musician. Apart from singing songs he’s also a songwriter, restaurateur, DJ and an actor too. He is a man of many trades, one may say.

Zodiac sign

Cooper’s Zodiac sigh is Aquarius at 14 degrees.


Alice Cooper started his journey as a band collaborating with Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce, DenisDunaway and Neal Smith. The band was formed in 1964 and released their debut album in 1969.

But it wasn’t until 1971 that they broke into mainstream music. “I’m Eighteen” was the track which got them in spotlight.

The band broke up in 1975 and Furnier took the band’s name “Alice Cooper” to pursue his solo career. His first solo release was 1975 concept album “Welcome to My Nightmare”.

Since then Alice hasexperimented with various kind of music types and is considered one of the visionary of heavy metal. He is also credited for introducing horror themes in rock and roll.

Family and History


Alice Cooper’s father name is Ether MoroniFurnier. Ether was born in 1924 and died in 1987 from emphysema. He was a pastor and before that worked as a draftsman and car salesman.

Alice used to go to the church regularly with his father during childhood.


His mother’s name is Ella Mae McCartt and she was born in 1925. She is sometimes visible with Alice in events.


Cooper has a sister called Nicola Crandall. She is 2 years older than Alice. She is not much mentioned about Alice although it has been known that there is no problem between them and she just prefers to stay away from limelight.


He is married to Sheryl Goddard. The marriage took place in 1976. He said he had made a death pact with his wife. They have been married for 43 years and he can not spend his life without her wife.


He has 3 children’s together with Sheryl. Calico Cooper (Born in 1981), Dashiell Cooper (Born in 1985) and Sonora Rose Cooper (Born in 1992).


His family used to move a lot when he was a kid. Alice was severely ill in his childhood and almost died. He recalls that it is a miracle he is still alive. In his high school yearbook, he said that his aim is to sell a million records.

He was active in church until he was 12. Despite having a traumatizing childhood he didn’t give up. Didn’t lose hope. And now he is one of the legend in music industry.

Love and respected by people and fellow artists all around the globe.

Music Preference and Influences

Cooper said in an interview that “The Yardbirds” is his favorite band of all time. He also mentioned that British bands like “The Beatles”, “Rolling Stone” and “The Who” had a big influence over him since he was a kid.

Shock rock legend Arthur Brown also had an impact over him on his way of becoming a shock rock legend himself.

Cooper experimented with multiple type of genres ranging between art rock, hard rock, heavy metal, new wave, glam metal, industrial rock etc.

Career Development

In 1964 Vincent alongside some of his friends got together and made parody songs of The Beatles. But those songs become so popular that they decided to open a band together.

Soon they picked the name Alice Cooper for the band which Vincent later took for his solo career. They were first signed to straight records and then Warner Bros. Records.

The band released its first album “Pretties for you” in 1969. Their second album “Easy Action” was released in 1970. During this time some audience understood their acts and some didn’t.

Few of their music video also got banned in UK for being too horrific. And lots of myth and rumors started floating around too. Making them popular and instant hit.

In 1975 Alice returned to solo career. In mid 1983 Cooper was hospitalized for alcoholism. But returned sober.

In 1987 Cooper appeared in WrestleMania 3. He made songs with famous artists like Guns N Roses in early 90’ss and toured continuously throughout late 1990’s.

In late 2006 the original members of Alice Cooper band reunited to sing six classics tracks of them. On December 2010 it was announced that Cooper and his former band would be inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Easter 2018 saw Cooper perform as Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar Live concert.

Alice Cooper’s Net Worth

As of 2020, Alice Cooper has a net worth of $50 Million. He has gained almost all of this from record levels. “Billion Dollar Babies”, “Welcome to My Nightmare”, “Hey Stoopid” are hisbestselling albums.

He has also increased his net worth by writing songs and acting in films.

Work Over The Years


Band Albums

Solo Albums

Social Media Presence

Alice Cooper has Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.




Some Lesser Known Facts About Alice Cooper

  • Alice Has English, HuguenotFrench, Irish, Scottish, Sioux ancestry.
  • He was nominated for a Grammy Award for Hands of Death (Burn Baby Burn) in 1997.
  • Alice Cooper has his ownrestaurant located in Phoenix called Cooperstown. The motto: “Where jocks and rock meet.”
  • He wrote sports and feature articles for his school under the pseudonym “Muscles McNasal.”
  • Alice Cooper had a pet snake named Julius Squeezer that died after being bitten by a rat.
  • Alice Cooper set a 24-mile cross-country running record in high school.
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