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Action Bronson Net Worth, Biography, Background, Family, Discography & Personal Life

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Action Bronson is a rapper, who also used to be chef and is a television presenter. Most people know Action Bronson from his food related television show called, “F*ck That’s Delicious”.

He also has an online cooking show which he named “Action in the Kitchen”. He got into a career of rapping after he got injured and broke his legs.

Action Bronson has accumulated the net worth of $10 million over the course of his life. Down below, we will discuss more about Action Bronson Net Worth, Biography, Background, Family, Discography & Personal Life.

Biography and Background

Full Name

His birth name is Ariyan Arslani.


Despite being called Action Bronson; he actually has various other nicknames. He typically goes by Mr. Wonderful, Bam Bam, Mr. Baklava, The Flushing Grizzly, The Rap Denice the Menace, Ill Proscuitto and Bronsolino.


Born in New York, Action Bronson is an American.


Bronson was born on December 2, 1983.


Action Bronson used to be a chef and had his own cooking show, before he turned his rapping hobby into a career after an accident.

Zodiac Sign

Born on December 2, Bronson is a Sagittarius.

Weight and Height

Action Bronson weighs about 104 kilograms which is around 230 lbs. He is 170 centimeters tall.


Born in Flushing, New York, Bronson had an American mother and an Albanian father. His father was actually a musician and he grew up in a muslin traditional family.

He went to Bayside High School in Queens as aa teenager, where he graduated from in 2002. He grew up happy, surrounded by his family in New York’s diverse neighborhoods.

He used to play both baseball and football in high school and had a comfortable childhood. For Bronson, rapping was just a hobby initially.

He was a fulltime gourmet chef at a restaurant in New York. He had his own cooking show. But after an accident, he broke his leg and decided to do rapping professionally.



Bronson’s father is an Albanian immigrant who is also a Muslim.


His mother is a Jewish who is actually from Brooklyn. Her name is Gloria.


We know that Action Bronson married following his Muslim heritage, but he doesn’t share any details about his family in the open. But it is known that he is married.

Career Development

Action Bronson started working right after high school. He started his career by being a professional chef in New York. He was a gourmet chef.

He actually cooked for the New York Mets too. But after his leg was broken, he couldn’t carry on with his cooking career.

Bronson already had been dabbling in rapping, but only as a hobby. After the accident, he decided to make rapping a full time job.

Dr. Lector was the first mixtape he made, which he released to the internet and began getting more attention. He released his second album called Well Done soon after that.

He signed a contract with Warner Bros. Records in 2012 but soon transferred to an Atlantic Records Imprint called Vice Records.

He released another album called Mr. Wonderful in 2015 that got him his most commonly used renowned nickname. Bronson released his single Acting Crazy in January 2015 too. In 2017, another one of his album, Blue Chips 7000 was released.

Action Bronson Net Worth

Action Bronson is a man of many talents. As a result, he has gotten 10 million dollars of net worth. He started working right after high school as a professional chef.

And even had his very own online cooking show. He later on became a professional rapper, who soon became famous through various missed tapes, albums and singles by working with various record labels.

He is also a television show announcer, he has a show called F*ck That’s Delicious which earned him even more popularity and in turn added to his net worth.

Awards and Nominations

In 2013, Action Bronson was nominated for the Rookie of the Year Award for his work Action Bronson. He was also nominated for the Best Mixtape awards in 2014 for his mixtape Blue Chips 2. Both nominations were for the BET Hip Hop Awards.

Works Throughout the Years

The Complete List of Works done by


Social Media Presence

Action Bronson has official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. The links are provided below.




Some Lesser Known Facts

  • Most chefs prefer cooking with high quality equipment, but Action Bronson doesn’t mind any equipment as long it does the work.
  • He has a cooking show called F*ck that’s Delicious and he curses a lot. Not everybody likes that part of his personality, but Bronson doesn’t care.
  • Bronson likes to wear clothes that provides him comfort and doesn’t follow the typical stereotypes.
  • He actually used to be a graffiti artist.
  • He started learning cooking from his mother and grandmother, and later used his skills as a chef in his father’s restaurant.
  • His dream job is to perform on a food truck. Cooking and rapping together.
  • He has a solid connection with the famous cook Mario Batali.
  • He claims that his passion for food and music both go hand in hand.
  • Bronson actually turned down a deal from Sony.
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